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In Little Kitchen, the only person you really need to worry about is your son. This is an interactive kids game that helps children learn skills such as working in a kitchen and helping a father figure out how to cook. The goal of this game is to get the father to cook meals for his family, by teaching him to cook with his children and by showing him how he can make changes if he needs to.

There are many different levels of Little Kitchen, and they are divided up into four different categories: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and master. Each level is set up like a traditional cooking class where children help their dad cook a dish in order to help him out. In the beginner level, children help their dad pick vegetables while he cooks a dish using a recipe and a pan. After dinner, he explains to them what he did to complete his dish, and how he is going to do it next time. At the intermediate level, children help dad make a variety of different dishes for the entire family to enjoy, from a simple appetizer to a main course.

At the advanced level, children help dad cook an impressive meal that the entire family will thoroughly enjoy. This is a good game to teach kids about preparation, family dynamics, and proper etiquette. By this point, children have learned to work as part of a family, and can expect to help their dad cook in the future. At the master level, children help their dad with the master’s dish and prepare for the final test, cooking a full meal for his family. This level ends with a quiz to see how the father and his family fare with the meal that they prepared for his family. The master’s dish is awarded after the family prepares an incredible meal with all of the ingredients that are given to them.
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