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Top 5 Airsoft VestsIf you wish to be a serious Airsoft player, a fantastic quality Airsoft Vest is a absolute must! Not only does this lug your main gear in arm’s reach, but it also has a significant part in camouflage, team identification and security.

There are tons of Airsoft vests on the market, from easy inexpensive fanny-pack like vests or full tactical flashlights with a belt which would not seem strange on a Navy Seal. It may be extremely confusing to find the ideal one for the situation that is not overpriced. But never worry, Jacob is here in order to relieve your Airsoft woes yet again! This list clarifies my personal Top 5 favourite Airsoft Vests on Hobbytron:

1) Condor Outdoor Airsoft Modular 8 Pouch Vest ACU Camo

Milsim (military simulation) fans rejoice! If you’re a severe Airsofter and do not mind spending a little additional dough, then Condor Outdoor”Airsoft” Modular Pouch Vest is created only for you. I set Airsoft in quotations, because for all intensive purposes, this vest is the real deal and would not look strange on a Spec Ops solider. Technically speaking, it features a gas mask pouch, a radio pouch, a shotgun ammo pouch, a assault rifle dual mag pouchplus a pistol dual mag pouch plus a grenade pouch. These components can be repurposed to whatever function you want them to be.


  • Used By Real World Law Enforcement, Security And Military Personal
  • Military Digital Camo Printing
  • 8 Multi Size Flexible Pouches
  • High Ranking

2) Tactical Airsoft OD Green Open Vest

Now here’s an adequate vest which will not break the bank. This Lancer Tactical Vest comes from an army conventional olive green colour and everything is totally adjustable for a perfect match. It’s got lots of pockets for storage in easy reach and can be as light as a feather.


  • Military Olive Green Color
  • Many Multi Adjustable Pouches
  • One Size Fits All
  • Cozy

3) Tactical Airsoft Tan Mesh Vest

For those you desert warriors on the market, the Tactical Airsoft Tan Mesh Vest is a fantastic price! Fully flexible with plenty of multicolored sized pockets will keep you prepared and on the transfer. Also, but it’s lightweight and will not impede freedom.


  • Tan Color
  • Adaptive
  • Several Lightweight Pockets

4) Condor Outdoor Airsoft Elite Tactical Vest/Pistol Pelt

Here is a different tan vest for all you out stunt fighters on the market, but to get a bit more green you can find a lot more pockets! The Condor Outdoor Airsoft Elite Tactical Airsoft Vest is pretty much everything you need as this complete vest involves an additional belt and holster!


  • Durable Waterproof Construction
  • One Size Fits All
  • A Few Multi Size Pouches

5) Explorer Airsoft Digital Camo F4 Magazine Pouch

Should you want a more compact option, then the Explore Airsoft Digital Camo Magazine Pouch should fit the bill. This will hold all of the additional magazines and BBs that you want. You could have the ability to match in a streamlined Airsoft pistol! This is ideal for Airsoft gamers which don’t have to take plenty of additional stuff.


  • Little Size
  • 3 Main Pocket And two Side Pockets
  • Digital Camo Printing

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